A Taste of Photography! (MMP Blog #2)

Welcome back to the blog, you beautiful reader!

Speaking of beauty, this week’s Multimedia Production assignment pushed me a tad out of my comfort zone: photography! I have always admired the art from afar, but this semester is my chance to dive in and master it. Not only will taking pictures be vital to this class, but I am also in an introductory-level photography course. After getting out in the world and actually practicing the craft, I can see why there are so many people that are in love with taking pictures. Seeing a new perspective in even the most minuscule of elements brings me a brand new viewpoint in life.

With that being said, I went out and shot over the last few days, and though it is only the beginning of my photo journey, I am really proud of the way these five turned out!

1: This first photo is worthy of two things: the element of creating depth and my grandmother’s new profile picture on Facebook. This beautiful red flower takes center stage as the deep vegetation in the behind it acts as a perfect backdrop for the main act. In a greenhouse full of wondrous plants, this one stuck out to me, and it reminds me to always be my own person.

2: This message is written on the nearest stoplight outside of my apartment building, and I knew I had to snag it. I simply love the aesthetic value of this shot, mostly incorporating the rule of thirds to do it justice. It would be wrong of me to say that I’m a love guru of any sorts, but I just couldn’t resist adding this one. I also love the lighting on the pole.

3: Color is the name of the game on this one. The conservatory was my first real opportunity to see what my camera could do, and I can’t say that I’m disappointed. The rich green color is apparent here, as well as the dull blue and whatever color a plant pot is. Viewpoint is crucial here as well, as one can see the entire table of plants from a unique perspective

4. Next up is texture. Seeing the metal age, chip and rot is something I would never appreciate if not for photography. Color is a secondary element clearly due to the white paint slowly fading away.


5. For my final image, I had to show this picture off not only because of the cropping element it holds but how much difficulty I had shooting in this spot. I knew the photo would look better if I left most of the drain out and focused on the ice. It also represents my largest obstacle in this assignment, which I will elaborate on in the conclusion.


As I was road mapping this blog post, I reflected on my adventures in the world of photography and realized that I have plenty of room to grow. I am very proud of these photos, but I want to continue to widen and sharpen my ability. I need to take more time to get creative with my camera’s settings, and most importantly: bundle up! Though I did enjoy this process, for the most part, I found it increasingly difficult to shoot in the freezing Wyoming wind. It turned me off of the idea from wandering further out into the world and finding more subjects. Does anyone know what that groundhog said about winter this year? I’m gonna need some more ideal photo weather on the double. Thank you for reading!

A New Step (Blog #1)


There’s a first time for everything, right? This is the inaugural post of this blog, and I’m excited to continue to not only customize this website but put it out to the world to see what I can do! Multimedia Production is off to a great start, and I began this site-creating process by reviewing past students’ blog projects and the overall structure of their websites. To my benefit, I found some inspiring material, including one student who live-tweeted during a UW basketball game (https://sammarkusuwyo.wordpress.com/). This is exactly the type of content I hope to provide on this website, as sports is a strong point for me. The site is rather bare-bones at the moment, but I hope to add flavor to it as I learn more in the course. Improving my skills in graphic design is going to be very crucial going forward for the sake of this site. Media is constantly changing, and I will continue to tweak this site to fit the modern needs of the media world.

However, above all else, I want to get real-life field experience in creating, reporting, interviewing and any media skills I can pick up along the way. I hope to gain new connections as well. Telling stories of both low-key and high profile sporting events is something I have been longing to do since arriving on campus. Securing an interview with a well-known athlete on campus and showcasing said interview excites me. The University of Wyoming is a perfect place for me to get started, as I do not have any personal stakes in their programs. Displaying my passion and skills is a crucial step in securing the career I have always desired.

Thank you for reading and supporting this site!56298892811__3DA4F2B2-B7F6-4032-AB60-BD9C33298FB2¬†(Kenny Mayne, one of several hosts of ESPN’s SportsCenter at the University of Washington football game on November 3, 2018. Kenny is one of my lifelong role models. Shot by me.)